Cremation Services in Georgia

Cremation Services of Georgia provides the compassionate service that families need after the passing of a loved one. We specialize in state-of-the-art direct cremation services that allow families to honor the lives of their loved ones with dignity. Gracious counselors are available to assist with anything families need as they prepare, and our staff members are here to make this time of transition as easy as possible.

There are NO HIDDEN COSTS in our cremation service descriptions. Any of our services, such as Direct Cremation can be modified to suit your needs and we will let you know if there are costs for things like additional copies of death certificates, etc.

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Direct Cremation Services - Only $795

Direct Cremation Services - Only $795

Our direct cremation service is a complete set of services for a basic cremation. 

Here is what is included:

1. Transportation to our crematory within 75 miles of our location. (a modest fee applies beyond 75 miles)

2. Documents: We will complete necessary Permits and customary documentation including the Death Certificate information.

3. Cremation We provide body preparation and complete cremation service.

4. Urn / Container We provide a finished Rosewood urn for the ashes.

5. Return of Ashes We will deliver the urn to you at no additional cost.

No Hidden Fees

Many cremation services advertise low prices and later add-on expensive charges. Listed below are examples of HIDDEN FEES we will not charge you:

  • We do not add-on After-Hours transportation services
  • We do not add-on Documentation Fees
  • We do not add-on Credit Card Processing fees

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